Sambhv Steel Tubes Ltd. sets the industry standard with our advanced, fully automated hot strip millproducing premium Hot Rolled Coils. Adhering to rigorous Indian and international standards, these coils are designed to meet diverse industrial needs with unmatched quality and precision.

We are the first in India to introduce a narrow-width HR Coil. Our manufacturing process is enhanced by Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) technology, which increases the precision and efficiency of HR Coil production, leading to greater productivity and cost savings.

Available in various thicknesses, our HR coils are versatile and tailored to meet specific market requirements, ensuring broad applicability across multiple industries.


Sambhv Steel Tubes Ltd. excels in producing GP coil, a galvanised plain steel coil known for its zinc coating that acts as a robust protective barrier. This coating effectively prevents rust and corrosion, greatly enhancing the coil’s longevity and durability. Our GP coils are essential in various industries, such as pipe manufacturing, structural steel, electronics, consumer goods, and automotive parts, owing to their remarkable strength and resistance to wear.

Moreover, we have adopted the latest technology over the traditional Flux Line for our GI coil coatings. This innovative approach not only aids in annealing but also allows us to tailor the material to meet any specific grade requirement, enhancing our flexibility in product development.

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