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Best Quality Hot Rolled Coil in India

Hot Rolled Coil

Sambhv steel manufactures Hot Rolled (HR) coils
of the highest quality at its state-of-the-art fully
automated Hot Strip mills.

Our products comply with various Indian and
Jnternational Standards to meet different segment
requirements. We also offer Cut-to-Length Sheets
service to our customers.


Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coil

At Sambhv, Pickling & oiling of HR coils is done in order to remove the rusty layers and scales from the surface. It helps combat corrosion during storage and when in use.

HRPO flat rolled steel is ideal for plate burning and plasma cutting processes in order to manufacture more precise steel components & parts.


Cold Rolled Coil

Sambhv steel CR coils are rolled at room temperature and then
rolled again below their recrystallization temperature where
yeild and tensile strength are nearly equal. It means that the
steel is hard and strong and does not deform. In the full hard
condition, steel can be roll formed, galvanised or both.

This process enables close product shape, thickness, dimensional tolerances and excellent surface finish. Our CR coils have high formability and are ideal for drawing, bending and forming operations..


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