The Story Of Sambhv Steel

The establishment of a new force in steel

Sambhv’s journey of manufacturing Sponge Iron began in 2017 with the establishment of Sambhv Sponge Power Pvt Ltd., our flagship company. Since then we have earned a significant place in our category, boasting a robust manufacturing capacity of 1,05,000 MTPA. Specializing in the production of sponge iron, a refined form of iron ore with a metallic content ranging from 83-88%, Sambhv utilizes a direct reduction process with carbon, typically sourced from coal at temperatures around 1100 degrees Celsius.

Maximising Sustainability

At Sambhv Steel Tubes Ltd., we are strictly committed to the environmental norms mandated by the government. We have controlled industrial pollution with advanced equipment and monitor it continuously. Industrial waste and effluents are treated similarly. Our plant infrastructure, including its buildings, sheds and roads, helps to minimise dust pollution. As per industrial policy, we have undertaken an extensive tree plantation programme covering all acquired land and nearby villages too. We are dedicated to enabling a healthy and eco friendly environment as it is our responsibility to future generations and also enhances all aspects of human productivity.

Steel Born Strong

At its state-of-the-art Steel Melting Shop in its plant, Sambhv integrates Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and Ferro Alloys, using Oxygen generated from an in-house plant to make Liquid Steel. This process, meticulously monitored by highly skilled engineers ensures the production of high quality blooms that exhibit superior strength, pressure tightness and excellent heat and electrical conductivity. We have the capacity to make 3,17,400 MTPA of blooms per annum.

Proud Corporate Citizen of Raipur

Raipur, the home of Sambhv steel business, is the capital of Chattisgarh, famed for mining the highest quality iron ore. We have established ourselves there as a significant name in our category. Our products include ERW pipes, HDG Pipes, GI pipes, Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Coil, CRFH Pipes, Steel Door Frames and more. Sambhv has a national footprint today and our aspirations are even larger.

A Value Driven Organisation

Our founder Shri Brijlal Goyal brought a strong set of values and ethics to all his businesses. Integrity, commitment, putting people first and building genuine bonds with our associates and customers will always remain the foundation of our business as we expand in the future.

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