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Sambhv Steel engages in various CSR initiatives philanthropy activities. Their intruigal activity include development in rural areas, upbringing of society for their education, healthcare and other facilities which help to enhance their livelihood.

Sambhv Blood Donation Campaign

At Sambhv, we believe that corporate social responsibility is not just a duty but a heartfelt commitment to our community. Our “Sambhv Blood Donation Campaign” stands as a shining example of our dedication to giving back and making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Free Health Camp

At Sambhv Steel, we understand that good health is the foundation of a thriving community. With this in mind, we have launched the Free Health Camp initiative to provide essential healthcare services to those in need. This program reflects our commitment to ensuring that everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, has access to basic healthcare facilities. Free Health Camp has made a significant impact on the community. During the last event, 180 individuals received comprehensive health check-ups, highlighting the success of our initiative in reaching those who need it most.

The Great Chhattisgarh Marathon sponsored by Sambhv Steel

The Great Chhattisgarh Marathon held on December 17th at Atal Nagar, Naya Raipur was proudly sponsored by Sambhv Steel. It was a vibrant showcase of fitness and unity. From seasoned athletes to first-timers, the event celebrated a shared commitment to health and wellness.
Stay tuned for more events promoting fitness and community engagement.

Sambhav Sponge Power with Mor Hospital & Vishesh Therapy teamed up for Free Health Check-Ups

Sambhav Sponge Power with Mor Hospital & Vishesh Therapy team up, offering free health check-ups at Sarora village. Raja Jain, an acupressure specialist with his team conducted consultations for hundreds in need. Vikas & Sheetal Goyal stresses the importance of aiding the underprivileged, vowing to expand these initiatives to neighboring villages using their CSR-built Mangal Bhavan.

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