0.6 million tonnes annual production

Making world class best selling pipes and tubes

A range of innovative products

With a strong and proven management team

A national distribution network

A strategic location

Now poised for India's Infrastructure Revolution

Sambhv Sponge Power Pvt Ltd.

Message from our Founder

Brijlal Goyal
Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Sambhv Steel is driven by innovation and a ever-growing momentum of expansion. Through our journey of over two decades in business our energy and growth focus has only increased day after day.

As we expand our capabilities and embrace cutting-edge technologies, our growth transcends physical boundaries, empowering communities and enabling the aspirations of Indians.

By forging durable, innovative steel pipes and tubes and other products, we are not helping build infrastructure; we are laying the foundation for a brighter, sustainable future and creating lasting value for our stakeholders.

As we say in our company, every dream, every ambition and every aspiration is possible.

Sab Sambhv Hai!

Poised for the Infrastructure Revolution

With infrastructure projected as one of the key drivers of India’s growth, the opportunity and market potential for our products is poised for a significant surge.

Welcome to Sambhv. Welcome to the future

We are Sambhv, one of the largest Indian manufacturers of steel products like hot rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, MS ERW pipes, both black and galvanised and a variety of hollow-section pipes. Situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the state where the highest quality iron ore in India is mined, we have a capacity of 6 lakh metric tonnes annually. Our products conform to the highest domestic and international quality standards.

Sambhv is Unique

We are among the unique steel pipe manufacturers that refine our steel directly from iron ore instead of making products from aftermarket coil. This enables us to create products of consistent quality that has become a byword for our name.

Limitless aspirations

We believe our future will be defined by our capacity to envision it. India is undergoing an infrastructure revolution and we stand as one of the handful of companies that can provide the products she will require in huge quantities.

Value Driven

Business ethics and commitment to delivery to both trade and customers are the hallmarks of Sambhv. This is the true reason for growth: people like to work for and do business with people they trust.

Company Culture

Our company culture is one of faith. Faith in God and faith in those we work shoulder to shoulder with. The warm and supportive environment and high discipline and strict protocols in our plants reflect the integrity of our people.

We welcome investors to ride with Sambhv into the future. They will be embarking on this journey at the right place and right time.

Growth & Financials

Through innovation and expansion of product line, high quality and great value, Sambhv is delivering growth based on solid financials.

CSR - A Responsible Corporate Citizen

At Sambhv, we believe CSR is much more than a statutory requirement; it’s an opportunity to do good and give back to society. Our efforts include development in rural areas, uplifting of society through education, healthcare and other programs which help enhance ability to earn a livelihood.

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